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“Faust”- recenzie și foto

A-şi vinde sufletul: o metaforă deja lexicalizată ( „a păcătui foarte tare”[1]) care bântuie ungherele lumii în timp şi în spaţiu, ca o chemare înfiorătorare ce atinge imensităţile gândirii umane. Chemare la extaz şi nebunie. Opera lui Goethe, Faust, tratează … Continue reading

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About how life goes sometimes

1. You tell me you’re hyper-smart. You have knowledge of facts, dates, numbers. Then, you confess to me that you don’t know who Tarkovski is, nor Pink Floyd. You never stare at the moon, it bores you. Never see a … Continue reading

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Oh, the meaningful things!

A new day,  new life, new beginnings. Old clichés, but for once, I believe in them. Oddly,  I consider this year to be my first real year at the university. Maybe it’s because I’m  starting to really love my courses, … Continue reading

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