About how life goes sometimes

1. You tell me you’re hyper-smart. You have knowledge of facts, dates, numbers. Then, you confess to me that you don’t know who Tarkovski is, nor Pink Floyd. You never stare at the moon, it bores you. Never see a play, you find it a waste of time. There are no numbers, no facts, nothing interesting for you to observe. And after all, “in a world full of misery, poverty, terrorists, rebellions, banks that fail, presidents that change, and a very bad economy, why on earth did we want to lose precious time with art” ??

2. You tell me you’re great at doing sex,  you have technique and originality and  you don’t believe in love because it’s old-fashioned and dull. After that, you mention that you’ve just bought a new Rolex. And oh, you have a black, expensive car and a very big apartment. In the end, you invite me in for a coffee…  Well, though you may be the best in the world in techniques, you certainly don’t know how to seduce a woman. And by woman I don’t mean a foolish girl who thinks that sex and money are everything.

3. You tell me you dream of becoming an artist. Poet, writer, singer, guitarist, actor, scenographer,  you have all the art skills that one can have. And everybody is aware of that and appreciates it, especially me. Especially you. And then (after a while) I find myself acting like your housekeeper, secretary, psychologist, art critic, etc. “The art is his mistress” : not a senseless quote. Not in your case.

4. You tell me you are slightly good at maths, but all your friends say you’re a genius. You say you don’t have any artistic talents. Still, you like good music, you’ve read Freud, Jung,  Marquez and Proust.  You like westerns and thrillers, but you’re touched by drama too. You like Fellini, but connect with Tarkovsky best. You believe in love, but understand that’s just hazard. And timing. You enjoy talking for hours without really making a point. You love conversation witch is odd because you’re so good in listening. You believe in miracles, but sometimes you’re seeing faith as a cruel joke. You feel the struggle, the passion, the revolutionary spirit, but you don’t see yourself as another Che’Guevara. You care about helping others as much as I do.

And then, just as you let me discover all that, just when I feel ready to tell you that I really like you,  you tell me you have a girlfriend.


About andraagachi

Dupa multe incercări ale mai multor oameni de a ma comvinge să-mi fac blog, am ajuns la concluzia..."De ce nu?" Am deschis,deci, astazi portita spre noi orizonturi, portita care a fost mereu deschisa dar care pana acum nu s-a numit niciodata "a mea". Cat despre mine...cei care ma stiu pot spune mai multe, eu urasc autocaracterizarile, sunt mereu in sensul extrem. Si eu nu sunt asa, cel putin asa cred....
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  1. Anonymus says:

    It is inspiring!

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