Oh, the meaningful things!

A new day,  new life, new beginnings. Old clichés, but for once, I believe in them. Oddly,  I consider this year to be my first real year at the university. Maybe it’s because I’m  starting to really love my courses, or because of my friends, or simply because today is sunnier outside than yesterday, who knows?

In any case, I have to say that beginnings are difficult. That’s yet another cliché. But only those who experience it in another country, know what the greatest danger is :  that of loosing yourself along the way.

At the beginning, you question yourself often. Every day seems like a test  and you have the idea that you are leaving  an existence far to difficult to endure: loneliness, the idea that it is pointless, uncertainty regarding the present and future, the pure fear of the unknown.  (Some call it maturation.) But  after a while, you start to know your way. You even become a “mentor” for those who are brave enough to follow your steps. You help them open their eyes, believe in themselves as once you were taught to. You realize how lucky you were from the very beginning (because you were never alone), as well as the fact that there was nothing to be afraid of.  It was just how life had taken it’s course.

From my experience, I have to tell you that, in one way or another, life leads you somewhere. You just have to “let it be”, stop fighting against the currents. Cause this is, after all, your reason to be, your fate.

So, a very good day for me  was the day that I found out I had never been alone. The day that I  decided to believe in myself and in life and prove that I can achieve everything it had been planned for me. It was the day  I found out  I can literally help others. My own people. My lovely people. That was the day of my new beginning.  More about that, some other day…

Peace !


About andraagachi

Dupa multe incercări ale mai multor oameni de a ma comvinge să-mi fac blog, am ajuns la concluzia..."De ce nu?" Am deschis,deci, astazi portita spre noi orizonturi, portita care a fost mereu deschisa dar care pana acum nu s-a numit niciodata "a mea". Cat despre mine...cei care ma stiu pot spune mai multe, eu urasc autocaracterizarile, sunt mereu in sensul extrem. Si eu nu sunt asa, cel putin asa cred....
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2 Responses to Oh, the meaningful things!

  1. Anca G. says:

    Rainy day here…
    Enjoy the sun and the new You!

  2. andraagachi says:

    Thank you, dear:). In truth, i’ve missed blogging…

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